Strategic Direction

Our core service is our residential facility for youth. Our focus has been to maintain the viability and the quality of this service while modifying the program in response to the changing needs of the community. The services provided by CYP have changed and evolved to meet client needs as identified by the community through collaborative planning processes. New programs are built on the solid foundation of the existing core residential program.

CYP has been able to respond effectively and quickly in implementing change, primarily because of the commitment of the experienced and creative staff in the core residential program. The future will see the same results-based planning and directing of services.

The 5 key strategic directions of CYP are:

 Maintain the viability of the organization and the quality of the core residential program while responding to the changing needs of the community.

Provide/Promote services which are complimentary to our core residential service to assist clients who live in the community.

Participate in collaborative planning with community partners and agencies.

Advocate for policies and services which support Community Youth Programs mission.

Provide other services to the community when possible without detracting from our core residential program.