Make a Referral

All referrals have to be made through Access and System Navigation. Access and System Navigation (ASN) is a service that is housed at ROCK which is developing towards one point of access for children/youth/families and professionals supporting a child or youth who require information or services from a community based mental health agency in Halton Region.

ASN will provide information and assist in completing assessments to determine the supports and services that meet the level of care for the child or youth.

ROCK’s ASN Team currently supports referral processing for many different programs and services in our community. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, many programs are providing services differently to families, some services have also been paused. ASN will continue to accept referrals and conduct screening with providers and families understanding that there may be a wait for service to begin once referral has been processed.

Referral Process:

A list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Access and System Navigation process, and how to make a referral is available for your reference.

Below is the form that is needed to be completed:

– ASN referral form

How to Contact ASN:

The Access and System Navigation Team can be reached at 289-266-0036. This line is live answered Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Please fax all referrals  to 905-681-7477, attention ASN.