More About Us

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  • Direct client service is the most important aspect of the program. Other functions should support that frontline work.
  • Supporting education and training for the youth being served is essential for them in becoming more independent and being able to better contribute to the community.
  • A safe and predictable environment is important for the youth we serve.
  • Our respect for the youth and their families and a commitment to help them build on their strengths will in turn assist them to develop respect for themselves and others.
  • Relationships with their families are usually important and should be promoted for our clients.
  • Quality of service is more important than quantity of service.
  • High and realistic expectations for our clients, along with the support provided, will result in better performance which will lead to their success and increased self-esteem.
  • Open communication between staff and the Board of Directors enhances CYP.
  • The staff of the group home fill the role of “extended family” for many ex-residents.
  • Ongoing involvement with former clients is a vital part of our program; seeing their success is helpful to current clients because it reinforces that they can expect long-term support from CYP.
  • The Education Fund reinforces for the youth in the program that education is important and that the community cares about their success.
  • Training college students to be good youth workers is advantageous for CYP and for the community.
  • Life-skills training is an essential part of the program.
  • It is important to help youth transfer the skills they have acquired in the group home to their next setting.
  • The quality of the group home and other programs offered by CYP is directly related to the skill, experience and personal investment of the staff.
  • Collaboration with other community services is important for our clients and for community development.


  • To provide a safe, predictable and supportive environment for youth that helps them to become, to the extent of their capability, self-sufficient, contributing citizens as adults.
  • To support youth who are making the transition to some level of independence.
  • To adapt as the needs of the community change.


  • Assist our clients to improve school performance by providing structured study time and the assistance of tutors, by closely monitoring school attendance and school work completion, and by communicating regularly with schools.
  • Assist our clients to obtain part-time work experience so they can acquire skills related to future employment.
  • Teach living skills which will help prepare our clients for some level of independence.
  • Make our clients aware of their responsibilities and supply consistent and reasonable rewards and consequences designed to promote appropriate behaviour and performance.
  • Assist group home clients to return to live with their family when this is possible, or alternatively prepare them for independent living.
  • Maintain a pleasant, clean, safe, healthy and homelike environment for clients and staff.
  • Continue to support clients after they leave the group home by offering transitional and long-term help.
  • Meet the requirements and service standards of funding organizations and government regulators.
  • Collect and interpret data to assess individual client outcomes and as a means of evaluating these interventions.
  • Use resources efficiently.
  • Maintain the Education Fund to provide tangible support to former residents pursuing post secondary education or training.
  • Attract, develop and retain excellent staff.
  • Cooperate with other services in the best interests of our clients and of the community.


Our core service is our residential facility for youth. Our focus has been to maintain the viability and the quality of this service while modifying the program in response to the changing needs of the community. The services provided by CYP have changed and evolved to meet client needs as identified by the community through collaborative planning processes. New programs are built on the solid foundation of the existing core residential program.

Much that CYP has accomplished has not been the result of any complex internal strategic planning initiative. CYP has been able to respond effectively and quickly in implementing change, primarily because of the commitment of the experienced and creative staff in the core residential program. The future will see the same results-based planning and directing of services.

The five key strategic directions of CYP are:

  1. Maintain the viability of the organization and the quality of the core residential program while responding to the changing needs of the community.
    • Within the limitations imposed by funding, ensure appropriate financing for the service and use resources efficiently.
    • Attract, develop and promote retention of excellent staff in order to provide stability within CYP and long term continuity for clients.
    • Participate in collaborative planning with other community partners.
  2. Provide/promote services which are complimentary to our core residential service to assist clients who live in the community.
    • As resources permit, provide ongoing supports to former residents to help them maintain the gains which they have made in the group home.
    • As resources permit, provide this support to other youth (age 16+) who are making the transition from Childrens’ Services to Adult Services or to independent living. The target population is youth with a history of social, emotional, behavioural or psychiatric disorders with priority given to those moving from Child Welfare services, residential/hospital treatment and youth justice.
  3. Participate in collaborative planning with community partners.
    • Be an active member of Connections Halton and the Halton Children’s Mental Health Advisory Committee.
    • Join and contribute to the planning efforts of other community partners when time and resources permit.
  4. Advocate for policies and services which support CYP’s Mission.
  5. Provide other service to the community when this can be accomplished without detracting from our core residential program.

Note: Any new or expanded services must not detract from the effectiveness or viability of our core residential program.